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seed_hush's Journal

A seed hush community
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Owner & Mod:zethrun


*=means that bannermaker stills owes for that week.

*All icons must feature either Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny. NOTHING ELSE...or else, why was this community made? XD;
*This is a hush community, meaning no icons with text on them! A textless icontest, basically. SO!, when making icons, DO NOT include text on them, just leave them bare and nekkid. Textures, gradients, decorative brushes, all those are welcome, just NO TEXT!
*You can use images from either the anime,manga, or artbooks, scans, just no fanarts or doujinshi. I'd rather not get into any flame wars because certain people didn't give credit!
*You are allowed to submit 2 icons per challenge, or otherwise stated by the mod posting the challenge.
*Do not go around advertising your icons to friends. Do not tell them to vote for you, don't show it off period while the submission OR the voting post is up, or you will be immediately disqualified.
*Icons must be made fresh! No old icons!
*You must make the icon relating to the week's challenge theme!
*All icons must fit Livejournal standards (100x100 and less than 40k)
*No stealing icons! If you want to use an icon you've seen here, please either comment asking for permission to use it from the iconmaker either on the winner post or the unscreened submission post.
*No flaming each other's work.
*No complaining that you lost. ._. I know, it hurts. Get over it.
*You must be a member to submit and/or vote!
*Only mods/banner makers will be able to post!

*New themes shall be posted mostly on Monday's, like any regular icontest schedules.
*Entries are due on Friday at 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time. You may submit entries after the deadline as long as voting has not been posted. We will check right before we post to make sure no new icons were submitted. However, i discourage this due to the varying times at which voting is posted from week to week.
*You must host your own image for submissions. However, I will host images for the actual voting.
*When submitting, if your picture seems unclear, please put an extra note to say who it is because the mods cannot just decide for themselves.
*Please submit your entries in the following format:


*Voting will take place from Friday until Sunday at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. You may still vote after voting has supposedly closed as long as the winners have not been posted yet.
*Results will be posted either Sunday night or Monday
*Depending on how many entries, there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded. You must vote for all three icons, not just one or two.
*There also will be a Special Category. You may not vote in this category for the icons that you voted for previously. You are not required to vote for this, but it is highly encouraged to. Special categories will include: Best Image, Best Color, Best Interpretation, Most Original, Most Creative, Best Cropped, etc.
*Also, if there are enough icons, a Mod's Choice will be awarded for the favorite icon of the mod who is posting the results.
*You must Join the community for your vote to count or to participate
*In a midst of a tie, a tiebreaker post will be made. If no one is able to break the tie, then the winning place will have 2 icons as it's winner.

Week 1-Free Choice[x]~elthena
Week 2-Kira Yamato[x]~aralana
Week 3-Happiness[x]~kira_mali
Week 4-Girls Only![x]~elthena
Week 5-OTP(One True Pairing)[x]~elthena
Week 6-Funny[x]~kira_mali
Week 7-Back from the Dead-[x]~uzuhi
Week 8-Boys Only!-[x]~aralana
Week 9-Mecha[x]~annwyd
Week 10-Innocence[x]~ousni,kira_mali
Week 11-Faceless-[x]~teaclovers
Week 12-Blue-[x]~aralana
Week 13-Haro-[x]~teletha
Week 14-Gradients-[x]~jdiam
Week 15-ZAFT-[x]~yokou,elthena
Week 16-Community icon-[x]~jdiam
Week 17-Out of The Box-[x]~annwyd,shiroki_tenshi
Week 18-Emotion-[x]~teletha
Week 19-Athrun Zala-[x]~jdiam
Week 20-Earth Alliance-[x]~kira_mali
Week 21-Light Colors-[x]~teletha
Week 22-Lacus Clyne-[x]~elthena
Week 23-Blood-[x]~snapple
Week 24-Eyes-[x]~zethrun
Week 25-The Hawke Sisters-[x]~sweetpasta
Week 26-Borders-[x]~sweetpasta
Week 27-Friendship-[x]~yokou
Week 28-Double Image-[x]~sweetpasta
Week 29-Stellar Loussier -[x]~llilliathari
--[Winner List Continued here]

Introducing the hall of fame! =D I thought this icontest deserved one. Anyway, the basic rule here is: Any member who has won 3 first places in a row, will be added to the hall of fame, he/she will receive a snazzy banner made by one of the mods, but the only thing is, he/she cannot participate in an icontest for 3 weeks.

Current Famers:
x. elthena(Weeks 1,4,5,15,22)
x. kira_mali(Weeks 3,6,10,20)
x. aralana(Weeks 2,8,12,33)
x. jdiam(Weeks 14,16,19)
x. teletha(Weeks 13,18,21)
x. sweetpasta(Weeks 25,26,28)
x. teaclovers(Weeks 11,31,35)

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Spread the seed love :D


~Credits:Current layout features winter fun with Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, and Shinn Asuka-layout made by : kira_mali